Computer usage, especially laptop computer usage. Laptop computers make us strain our neck and shoulders forward. Lurching the head forward puts more strain on the neck muscles.

The further the head juts ahead, the more strain is placed on the muscles that run from the head to the shoulders. People that spend long hours on a laptop computer are jutting their neck and shoulders forward to stare at the screen.

To minimize neck pain from poor posture using a computer/laptop, the best thing to do is stretch and & strengthen your neck, here are two useful tips.

  1. To stretch the front of the neck, turn your head slightly to one side, about forty-five degrees. If you turn your head to the right, you are stretching the left and vice versa. Place your right hand on left side of your chest and pull down gently as you tilt your head back. Stop immediately if you feel sharp pain or any dizziness.
  2. To strengthen the back of the neck, the easiest route would be with a neck exercise machine. Some health clubs have them, but they are more of a specialized device. You can also fold up a towel and place it against a wall. Put the back of your head against the towel and push into it. Hold for a few seconds and release. This is an isometric contraction.

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