Path to Achieving Relief from Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease takes its name after Prosper Ménière, the French doctor who correctly identified this as an ear condition in the mid-1800s. Besides seeking advice from medical experts in Rochester Hills upper cervical chiropractic practitioners can help cope with this ailment.   An Overview  Our inner ears have bony and membranous structures that are each [...]

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5 Natural Remedies for Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is a debilitating vestibular condition that creates a very specific combination of symptoms. What are the symptoms of Meniere’s disease? We’re going to take a closer look at this syndrome that affects balance and spatial orientation as well as hearing. Then we will consider five natural remedies for Meniere’s disease and vertigo, concluding [...]

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7 Vertigo Misconceptions That Most People Believe

With the abundance of information about vertigo all over the Internet, some of you may wonder why vertigo relief in Rochester Hills seems so hard to attain. Unfortunately, misinformation is also common. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of seven common vertigo myths or misconceptions to guide patients of the truth. After [...]

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Understanding the Body’s Balance System and Motor Output

As veteran MI vertigo doctors, we’ve seen how the balance system connects to overall motor output. When you’re balanced, you’re able to maintain the body’s center of mass over its base of support. Balance System Malfunction Results in Vertigo Achieving balance is impossible without the help of a complex system involving the touch, movement, and [...]

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Shutting Down Five Misconceptions About Vertigo

Many people experience vertigo, yet it remains a puzzling subject for most. As a vertigo chiropractic doctor in MI, I want to clear up some common misunderstandings about vertigo. With a proper understanding of vertigo, it’s easier to come up with solutions to address not just the symptoms but the underlying cause itself. Listed below [...]

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The Facts About BPPV

One of the most prevalent causes of vertigo is a condition called BPPV.  Vertigo can be a very alarming experience in which you have the false sensation that you are spinning or that your surroundings are spinning.  With BPPV being as common as it is, bringing clarity on some of the most frequently asked questions [...]

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Meniere’s Disease: The Underlying Cause Discovered!

Meniere’s disease is a chronic disorder of the inner ear or vestibular system. It is thought to be a form of endolymphatic hydrops having specific symptoms due to abnormally large amounts of fluid, called endolymph, in the inner ear. The Symptoms Associated with Meniere's Disease  Vertigo - the sensation that you or the things around [...]

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Vertigo Helped in Rochester Hills, MI

Vertigo is described as the sensation that you or the things around you are spinning. If you have ever moved your head too fast and all of a sudden felt dizzy and nauseated, you have experienced vertigo. Symptoms that Accompany Vertigo This condition occurs when the inner ear is hindered from sending the proper signals [...]

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How Head Injuries Lead to Vertigo

Defining vertigo can be confusing as many people think of the popular movie title suggesting that it is a fear of heights. What is Vertigo? The proper definition of vertigo is a sensation of movement causing one to feel as if he is spinning or swaying or that the room and things around him are [...]

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