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A Unique Story about NUCCA Chiropractic Care in Rochester Hills, MI.

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Suffering with migraine headaches for 35 years

quoteI have suffered from migraines for over thirty-five years. I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years with no real relief. When I saw the advertisement on Face Book for Balanced Living Chiropractic and their different approach to relief I felt I had nothing to lose and hopefully something to gain.

I made an appointment with Dr. Cicala and three months later my migraines are fewer and farther between with much less severity. In addition, the lower back pain I have been dealing with for years due to scoliosis seems to have disappeared!

I am so thankful I took that first step and called Balanced Living Chiropractic and for the care they have given me. I would advise anyone who has had reoccurring pain and can’t seem to get relief to give them a try.

– Shelley Hoffman, Rochester Hills, MI

Migraine headaches and muscle pain

quoteIn the past four weeks, I have witnessed a miracle in my health. For over 20 years I have gone to various doctors trying to find a diagnosis of the symptoms my body was having. I have had migraine headaches that would last for up to ten days and I had become one of Imitrex’s best customers. I had muscle pains in my shoulders, my back, my knees, and my thighs and had once been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have been told these symptoms were just a sign of aging; something I needed to accept. A couple of the doctors actually suggested that I was just imagining them. I have seen a regular chiropractor for about 14 years, and though he gave me relief for a day or two the symptoms would return. About 18 month ago, I awoke to find I could not even move my right arm. It took many adjustments, an MRI, and still no real answer to what the problem could be.

“Recently, my massage therapist, Connie Moore, told me that my spine was really twisted and that I should consider seeing a chiropractor who repositioned the atlas vertebra. She sent me to Dr. Rich and Balanced Living Chiropractic. I had tried so many different avenues of healing that I figured, why not? After x-rays and diagnosis, I was told that my atlas vertebra was 4 degrees off position from where it should be and that this was causing my body to completely realign to keep my eyes parallel to the horizon. I could not believe how easy the manipulation was compared to the bone-crunching method to which I had become accustomed. I felt relief from the very first visit. I am now starting my fifth week and have moved from two adjustments a week to just one. The muscle pains have disappeared and the headaches have almost disappeared. I have more energy and I feel years younger. I have brought my daughter to see Dr. Cicala and I hope my husband will soon be a patient. I would highly recommend that everyone check out this procedure for the sake of their overall health.”

– Madeline

Neck pain

quotebeforeI want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful relief care I have received at Balanced Living Chiropractic. When I arrived here in April, I was in tremendous pain and was barely able to walk. I was contemplating the use of a wheel chair. Over the previous six months, I had seen seven other health care professionals, and had been told there was nothing wrong with me, even though I was basically incapacitated.

I appreciated the gentle care of the initial exam, as it was painful for me to even get in the chair for xrays. I receieved some immediate relief with my first adjustment here, and the past five months have been a wonderful progression to better health. My favorite relief care was in July when the bulk of my pain disappeared! Today, I am back at work full time and able to move about freely.

For some odd reason, upper cervical care seems to be a little known “black hole” in health care. This painless unobtrusive procedure packs quite a wallop, and it is beyond reason that this is not a standard referral practice for patients with neck pain and injuries. Human compassion compels me to get the word out to as many as I can-so much needless suffering! My only regret with upper cervical care is that this was my last stop, and not my first!

Thank you wholeheartedly for giving me my life back. To future patients, all I can say is prepare to be amazed, and you are in great hands!

P.S.- Thank you for taking care of my wife’s sciatic nerve problem!”

– Ed F.

Severe back pain

quotebeforeIn early April I was experiencing mild to moderate back pain that quickly progressed to severe pain following a minor auto accident. I was barely able to walk and after trying a regimen of muscle relaxants and VIOXX for a couple of weeks with little improvement, a friend suggested going to Balanced Living Chiropractic. I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor but eager for relief from pain and limited mobility. I was pleasantly surprised to find the adjustments performed were simple and pain free and provided fairly immediate improvement. Over the course of the next few months I not only experienced a lack of back pain, but it seemed all my systems were more optimized. I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is now consistently at desired levels, and I believe my digestive system is functioning more efficiently. I appreciate the science that serves as the foundation for this chiropractic technique and found the NUCCA web site to be most informative. In summary, I would highly recommend giving “getting aligned” a try-it works!”

– Carol

Problems with back, spine and posture

quotebeforeI have been getting chiropractic adjustments since 1990. I threw my back out in a random situation and began seeing my first chiropractor. I have always believed in chiropractic and felt that it was the right relief for back problems. The results that I got from three different doctors I saw during that time were fair. I felt that they were relieving problems with my back, spine and posture that were congenital. I felt that no matter how much I exercised, stretched out or sought good health that my back and spine would always require ongoing realignment to maintain a basic degree of health and comfort. I would have adjustments once or twice a week every week or two. I felt that their purpose was to keep things from getting worse as opposed to making them better. I consistently felt torque and twisting in my spine, I just felt less after I had an adjustment.

I was referred to Balanced Living Chiropractic after my chiropractor abruptly quit his practice. They personalized a program for me and I began seeing him once or twice a week. It was an amazing concept to me that the small, painless adjustments being made in my neck could do as much as the previous chiropractors more pronounced manipulations had done. What I have found is that not only did NUCCA do as much, it did more and did it much better.

I am currently on a once a month plan. The torque and twisting that was so common for me before is now gone. I have never imagined that there could be a time when I could visit a chiropractor once a month and enjoy so much comfort and health in between visits as I do now.

I used to think that having back pain and problems were a given for me. Now I believe that the strength, flexibility, and proper alignment of my spine area given. The care that I received at Balanced Living Chiropractic and their NUCCA practice are essential building blocks for the quality of my health for the rest of my life.”

– Karen L.

Fatigue, dizziness, numbness

quotebeforeI am writing this letter to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. You are the reason that today I am back to doing things with my grandchildren. I am also back at the gym and able to enjoy shopping again. Months ago I was a wreck. I suffered from fatigue, dizziness, numbness of the face and neck, heaviness of the arms and legs, leg pain and fullness of the ears with hearing loss in my left ear. After seeing seven doctors, two cardiologists, ENT experts, two neurologists, two MD’s and many tests later, I was told from the ENT that I would never get my hearing back in my left eat. None of the doctors could tell me what was wrong with me. I had to hold my head up while I drove my car, couldn’t walk around Target or the mall, couldn’t even watch or play with my grandchildren.

Today I am happy to say that I am driving without holding my head up, shopping without holding onto the baskets and watching and playing with my grandchildren. No more leg pain and most of all I can hear out of my left ear. My phone was on low volume and I was walking around the store and I heard it ring. I was so excited that I started to cry and had the urge to call the ENT and tell him just how wrong he was. I no longer have to put the volume up high on the television. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel today after being treated by you. I believe that you are the best chiropractor out there. I am living proof. I have never felt so much better in my whole entire life. Thank you Dr. Cicala.

P.S – you also have the best staff! I have been to a lot of doctors’ offices and never ever came across such friendly and kind people like Patty and Olga.

– Carolyn L.

Constant back pain

quotebeforeI started coming in to Balanced Living Chiropractic for the back pain I was experiencing. A friend had recommended the office and told me all about how excellent the CLINIC was.

It was a struggle trying to find a relief care that gave me any long term relief. I was in constant pain which left me exhausted every single day. I decided to go to Balanced Living Chiropractic to try this new kind of relief because I had been to other chiropractors before but never got the results I was looking for.

I love coming to this office because the relief care actually work! The office is very comfortable and the staff is excellent. I really love the friendliness of the office. I am now down to once a month relief care, the pain I had in my neck and back is completely gone.

When I come to Balanced Living Chiropractic I get a clear explanation of what’s going on in my body and how we are going to fix the problem. They tell me what to do to stay healthy and feeling great and I know I can always call if I need a little extra help before my next scheduled appointment.

I have already recommended this office and will continue to do so!

– Cheri S. 11-16-2015

Severe tingling in the neck

quotebeforeBefore coming to see Dr. Cicala, I had severe tingling coming from my neck that led down to my right arm and into my fingertips. I was unable to sleep most nights.

I spent a whole year going back and forth from different doctors to different therapists. I had gone through physical, occupational, and MOT therapy. This was followed by a series of epidural injections. Nothing relieved my pain. I had a series of 12 chiropractic relief care by another doctor, but experienced no improvements.

Then I read an ad about Dr. Cicala at Balanced Living Chiropractic. Since receiving his relief care I am completely pain free! I am deeply grateful for him.

– Dolores R. 8-01-2011

Foot pain

quotebeforeI first decided to come into Balanced Living Chiropractic to see if the doctor would be able to help the foot pain I had been having. The pain I was experiencing got so bad that I had to get rid of all of my Dansko shoes. It was very difficult to find shoes that I could comfortably stand in all day.

I went to see a podiatrist prior to coming to Balanced Living, but his solution was to shoot my foot with cortisone every 3 to 4 months. It took several months of care, but I have been feeling much better. As a teacher, being on my feet all day, I used to have horrible pain at the end of the day. Now the pain is barely even there. I am now able to wear my Dansko clogs all day while teaching too. The staff at Balanced Living Chiropractic is very friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend this office.

– Jane C. 10-16-2015

Daily headaches and muscle pain

quotebeforeI started coming to Balanced Living Chiropractic because I was tired of dealing with the daily headaches and muscle pain I was constantly having. I was in pain all day, every day which made it extremely hard to focus on work and even my daily life.

I had been seeing a traditional chiropractor for years, but unfortunately the relief were not helping as much as I would have liked them to. I was talking to a friend one day about the problems I was having and she suggested I go see a doctor at Balanced Living. I decided to give it a shot.

Since starting relief care at Balanced Living Chiropractic, I have improved tremendously. My headaches and back aches are now only occasional and not something I’m constantly living with like I was before. I had originally been diagnosed with torticollis and this is the only chiropractic office that has given me relief.

I would definitely recommend this office to anyone. Especially if someone is having an issue that other doctors haven’t been able to figure out. The doctor and staff are great and the massage chairs are awesome!

– Jennifer I. 10-07-2015

Chronic lower back and neck pain

quotebeforeI have suffered with chronic lower back pain and neck pain for years because of degenerative disc disease throughout my spine. I took numerous pain pills, anti-inflammatory pills, and also muscle relaxers just to try and get some relief from the pain. Other chiropractors and physical therapy sessions provided little relief. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that I was not a good candidate for surgery because of the numerous problems.

I lived in constant pain.

It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Richard Cicala at Balanced Living Chiropractic that I finally found my savior and began to get relief. I researched his techniques and figured I had nothing to lose.

I no longer take any of the above medications and I am now pain free. I was lucky if I could golf once a week prior to going to Dr. Rich. Now I could golf every day if I chose to do so. I consider Dr. Rich a miracle worker with his medical expertise and highly recommend him to any and every one who is serious about being pain free, active, and off the couch.

Thanks Dr. Rich. You are my hero. You are truly one of a kind and I cannot thank you enough.

– Jim C. 4-18-2012


quotebeforeI started coming to Balanced Living Chiropractic to see if they could help with my stomach issues. I have a condition called Gastroparesis which basically means that my stomach is paralyzed. I was unable to eat regular meals and during the times when I was able to eat, I would have a hard time sitting because of the pressure on my stomach. I saw a gastroenterologist who informed me that there was nothing he could do. He also told me that any medication he gave me would just do more harm than good. I suffered for 3 years, gained 50 pounds, and had no hope for a cure.

After starting relief care at Balanced Living Chiropractic my stomach is actually starting to function better. I’ve gotten relief from the pain and also the pressure I used to get after eating. Not only has my digestion improved, but I have also started to lose weight and have even been sleeping better!

This office is so different from anywhere else I’ve been. The experience has been amazing and I am finally starting to feel better. I thank god for Dr. Cicala and his expertise. I would absolutely recommend anyone to this office.

– Joan S. 10-16-2015

Neck pain

quotebeforeI have been treated by therapists off and on for painful symptoms in my neck region, but wasn’t able to obtain significant relief or release from the pain. As a result of being treated as a patient of Dr. Cicala, I am now experiencing notable pain relief.

When I first came to Dr. Cicala’s practice, I was unable to get restful nights of sleep since I was waking up in pain off and on throughout the night. After relief care, I was amazed and happy to experience sleeping through the night and waking pain free. I follow Dr. Cicala’s advice between relief care; i.e. sleeping on my side or back, never on my stomach and using ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation. This has allowed me to continue feeling the best I possibly can.

I am aware that I have cervical damage that cannot be changed, but the relief I experience from my chronic pain with his minimally invasive approach has definitely give me a better way of life. Dr. Cicala cares greatly about his patients. I felt this to be true on my first visit and still feel that way today.

– Kat W. 04-19-2012

Trigeminal Neuralgia

quotebeforeI have suffered with Trigeminal Neuralgia for many years. The pain was so excruciating in my face that it made every day functioning very difficult. I couldn’t touch my face; brush my teeth, talk, or walk. I had to quit my job teaching knitting because at times it was too painful to talk. In addition to the pain, I was also very depressed and discouraged.

I was seeing another chiropractor back in 2011 who suggested I see a NUCCA chiropractor who specialized in upper cervical chiropractic. He thought that NUCCA, whose focus was on the C-1, the first vertebrae in the spinal column, could help with my Trigeminal Neuralgia. Since I was so plagued with this acute, piercing, electric shock like pain in the regions of my face, I thought I would give this type of chiropractic a try. My chiropractor found Dr. Cicala on the web and in March of 2011 I began seeing him for relief care. Luckily he was in the same community in which I lived.

The staff in the office was very friendly and professional and after a while I started seeing some relief from the pain. It took a few months due to the severity of my condition. I also received cranial work from Connie, the massage therapist next door, nutritional counseling, and a low dose of a different medicine. I now have months without pain and when it flairs up, I come back for an adjustment. Dr. Cicala and NUCCA have made a big difference in my life. The relief have dealt with the problem and not just masked it with powerful drugs that made me groggy.

– Libby K. 04-03-2015

Neck, shoulder and back pain

quotebeforeI have struggled with neck/shoulder and back pain for years. During that time I have had several MRI’s, physical therapy, injections, pain medication, massages, etc. with minor relief.

At a family camping trip while sitting around the fire talking about aches and pains (that is what happens when you grow older) I told my story. My uncle Bill highly recommended Balanced Living Chiropractic in Rochester or St. Clair Shores. He said “I don’t know what they do exactly, but it works! I feel great!”

I learned that Balanced Living is not your typical chiropractor. It is a NUCCA practice. What is that and what do I have to lose? From the website of Balanced Living – “Balanced Living provides safe, gentle, and painless spinal correction using the NUCCA procedure. The NUCCA adjustment uses carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore the head and neck to a balanced and normal position.

After my first appointment there was immediate relief. Now six weeks later I feel FANTASTIC! No pain. And just like my uncle Bill, I am not sure how they do it or what they do, but it works. I am a believer and would recommend Balanced Living Chiropractic to anyone.

If only I would have known this years ago! If you are having any problems like I was, I would make an appointment today and see if Dr. Rich can help.

– Lynne M. 8-11-2011

Highly recommend

quotebeforeI have been a patient of Dr. Cicala’s for 8 years. He sure has made a difference in my overall health by keeping me in proper alignment.

His professionalism and general caring for my well-being is greatly appreciated.
Dr. Cicala and his staff make a visit to Balanced Living Chiropractic very enjoyable.

I highly recommend Dr. Cicala.

– Mary P. 4-02-2012

Neck and arm pain every day

quotebeforeI have been a chiropractic patient for over 26 years and have had very little problems with my back and health as a result of the care and adjustments I have received over the years. My entire family was under care and a healthy lifestyle was experienced by all. As a result of our positive experience with chiropractic, my daughter, Lisa, also became a chiropractor and practices in Virginia.

A few years ago I injured myself trying to do too much one summer. Traditional chiropractic adjustments helped temporarily, but the pain in my neck and arm on my right side continued. The pain was constant some days and so severe at times. This made it very difficult to sleep and even sit. Every day pain became part of my life and there were days where I felt very discouraged. I tried different chiropractors and different chiropractic techniques, but none of them gave me long term relief. Getting a job working for Dr. Cicala was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.

The NUCCA adjustments which are gentle, yet effective, have given me so much relief from the pain that sleeping is now possible with much less discomfort that I normally felt so often. It was so gratifying to find a chiropractic technique that addressed my neck problem so effectively. The frequency of my headaches has also been reduced and my back problems are nonexistent. I am grateful for the opportunity to be on staff here at Balanced Living Chiropractic and experience first-hand the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care.

– Olga S. 3-14-2012

Headaches, neck and back pain

quotebeforeBefore coming to Balanced Living Chiropractic I had some really bad pain. I was constantly dealing with headaches, neck pain, and also had back problems. A friend had told me about the relief she had gotten from Dr. Cicala so I knew I had to make an appointment and give it a shot.

I had gone to many different chiropractors before so I was definitely skeptical. Once I was able to put my trust into Dr. Cicala, it took a lot of work, but slowly I started to feel less and less pain. My headaches, neck pain, and back problems were fading away and all with such a gentle relief care. No twisting my neck or jerking my body into place.

I still have pain every now and then, but there are days now where I am completely pain free. Dr. Cicala has been a miracle and I am definitely here to stay. I love his demeanor and playful personality and the office is always very accommodating when I need to get be seen on short notice. I would absolutely recommend Balanced Living Chiropractic to anyone looking to get back to a healthy, pain free life.

– Roberta J. 10-07-2015

Lower back and leg pain, headaches and digestive problems

quotebeforeI started coming to Balanced Living Chiropractic for multiple reasons. I was having lower back pain, leg pain, headaches, and was also dealing with uncomfortable digestive issues. I had pain every day that would sometimes last all day. This made it extremely hard to work a full work day without excruciating pain and on top of that I often had to go home because of my headaches.

My cousin sees one of the doctors there; she was the one who suggested I give Balanced Living a shot. I was so tired of constantly having to take pain pills and was really interested in trying something that could give me natural pain relief. Not only have I found pain relief, I have found my health.

Since I’ve started relief care I have little to no leg pain or back pain. I rarely get headaches, I’ve noticed my posture is much better, and I can tell that my digestive system is much healthier.

Other doctors wanted to put me on steroids, or adjust my back without taking x-rays or doing an exam first. I like that this doctor took the time to thoroughly look over everything. I’m now seeing results, feeling dramatically better and understand the complete medical history before starting relief care.

– Sarah C. 10-21-2015

Shoulder pain

quotebeforeI started chiropractic relief care because of shoulder pain. I had already been through 6 weeks of physical therapy earlier in the year. The physical therapy helped, but the pain returned after I resumed my usual activities.

I would definitely recommend trying chiropractic medicine. It is a long process, but I am now able to work out at the gym with weights, do yard work, and many other activities without re-injuring my shoulders. I also no longer take anti-inflammatory medications which I relied on in the past.

Another plus … the massage chairs are awesome!

– Sherry D. 8-09-2011

Debilitating headaches

quotebeforeStarting in January 2012, I began getting debilitating headaches that only got worse as time went on. I went to a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, and a neurologist, had MRI’s done and started getting massages, but my problem was never solved. The relief care they had me do would help for a little, but never worked for very long. I was soon taking 2-4 different medications a day and had to deal with the side effects that were almost as bad as the headaches themselves.

My coworker had also dealt with headaches and found out that the cause of her pain was due to an issue in her neck. She recommended I try a NUCCA chiropractor so I decided to come into Balanced Living Chiropractic to give it a shot.

Since I started relief care at Balanced Living, I no longer have to take medication for my headaches. I haven’t had a headache in over a month and my memory of how bad they used to be is growing dim. This office is so different than any other doctor or chiropractor I’ve ever seen. They work to heal your problem instead of just relieving the symptoms. I have already recommended Balanced Living Chiropractic to some people and will continue to do so.

– Suzanne R. 10-16-2015

Lower back pain and headaches

quotebeforeMy grandmother, who is a patient of Balanced Living Chiropractic, suggested I try coming to Dr. Cicala to help with my lower back pain and headaches. These were issues that I had been dealing with already, but unfortunately got worse throughout my pregnancy. I was tired of not even being able to do normal housework without being in pain.

Since coming to Balanced Living Chiropractic I feel much better throughout the day. I had been doing physical therapy for a year prior and never felt any kind of improvement. Now when I come in to see Dr. Cicala I know I’ll leave being able to do more and have more stamina throughout the day. The atmosphere in the office feels very welcoming and I will definitely always recommend Balanced Living Chiropractic.

– Sylinia K. 10-07-2015

Painful stiff neck and shoulders

quotebeforeMy original problem was a combination of stiff neck and shoulders with a lot of pain when I tried to move. Physical therapy helped get some movement back, but I still had pain.

Over the counter pain killers like Alive and Motrin helped to give some relief, but the prescriptions I was being given did not help at all.

A friend of mine had similar problems and recommended I see Dr. Cicala and Connie Moore, the massage therapist next door to Dr. Cicala’s office. I have been receiving monthly relief care with both Dr. Cicala and Connie for over a year and have seen very good results. Pain or stiffness occurs rarely and I feel very normal.

Dr. Cicala and Connie Moore have kept my neck and shoulders lined up and muscles functioning normally. I have not taken any medication for 10 months.

– William M. 12-23-2009

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